Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kuriouser and Kuriouser...AboutThis Blogging Thing

My name is Kate...not Katherine,Katrina, Kaitlyn, etc.  Just four little letters that I have been identified as.  When I was young I hated my name. My sister got a beautiful name: Brianna. I felt jipped. But now I reallize that Kate is truly the correct name for me.  When I discovered it's meaning (yes I believe in that kinda shit, as well as Astrology, and Numerology) I found that my name, as well as my date of birth, describe me so well that I was disappointed  at first. I believed I was Soo different and unique. Then I read my personality almost completely, in books.  But if you think about it, why wouldn't the planets positions as well as the sun and moon's, have an effect on my fetus brain. Gravity is pretty amazing, and powerful.  And numerology, well that seemed easy....Math is everywhere in the world and life. So why think your Birth numbers aren't important.
I actually got my Birth date tattooed on the back of my neck.  It was my first of eight Tatts.  It was way before I got into Numerology, Astrology, and name meanings.  I just wanted my tattoo to describe me and after much thought, I came up with the day my eyes opened, the day the whole world began...not in a cocky way.  I find that the time you live in this world tells a lot about who you are. It's like I was stamped at birth, like the born on date on a beer.  Well, enough about all that, I guess you can already tell I think a lot, and talk a lot. So when my boyfriend told me about blogging, obviously I was all about it.  I don't really have a plan on how am  gonna do this.  I just know my life is pretty crazy, like I lived five different lives in the 29 years since I first opened my eyes.  Maybe someone or someones can relate to some of my experiences.  Maybe I can help those who are not doing so good right now. Only cause I have been through so many bad times.  But I also have come to fully accept myself, and have found ways of training my mind to let itself be happy, no matter what.  And Never again will I let anyone add negativity to my life, and I no longer give a flying fuck about the negative opinions of strangers.
Well Now that you have a little bit of an idea of the type of person I am, I will let you know how I intend to use this Blog. First of all, I am a writer of poetry, stories-fiction and non, and songs.  I figured that maybe some of you out there might enjoy some of them. Second, I am an artist. So, again, I will post my works for those who appreciate it. Lastly, I enjoy Photography..both taking pictures, and modeling.  However, even though those are going to be my main subjects of this blog, I want to let people know there is Nothing I will not talk about.  I believe it is extremely important that we use our freedom of speech, or what's left of it, before its gone for good.  So if anyone want to discuss something, like things you can't tell your family or even your friends or lovers, I am a good listener, I have a big heart, and I do not judge...anyone..for anything.  I believe people should talk more about the things society has trained us to believe are inappropriate.  If we don't start talking about what's really going on, how will we ever learn how to fix or change anything, especially ourselves.  Well This is officially my first Blog ever. I hope It amuses or interest someone. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

First post!

Hey guys this is Kate (well actually her fiancee helping her set up and start his blog). I'm an artist and work from home with ebay and do some amateur modeling. I'm going to be posting my art and my modelling along with products I'm selling on ebay. So I'll start posting my pictures and what not soon. I'll also accept commissions along with any modelling oppurtunities. Hope you guys enjoy!