Saturday, April 2, 2011


I appreciate the critiques...I have never blogged before so I respect your oppinions. And for those who left compliments, I sincerely appreciate them. I am not doing this for the money, not that I hate the incentive. What brought me to do this is to find interesting people to follow and to use this as a forum to see how people respond to my art and writing ( which I will upload and post tonight), and I appreciate honesty even if it is harsh.  Its hard to find honest, true, REAL people. I used to have a front to fit in, but it not only is a waste of energy, it keeps me from meeting the right people for me. There is no subject that I won't talk about and I am hard to shock.  I hope my blog incorporates discussions on things that are thought of as inapropriate or taboo.(like sex, addiction, issues with society and media, really anything to do with being human, etc.)  Without education and openmindedness, our world continues to encourage ignorance which leads to all sorts of negative reprocussions. Well till later....enjoy this moment cause we aren't guaranteed anything ya, Kate 
    P.S. My best friend died in my i feel it is  important to say what u feel i cannot force myself to limit my posts just because some find them too much to read...just to connect with one person would make me happy.

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