Monday, May 30, 2011

We are all dorks!

In my 29 years alive, I have come to realize that everyone is a dork. We all have a part of us that other people may think of as nerdy. Well I believe that those of us who are true to ourselves, have no front, except at work of course, and aren't affraid to be ourselves at all times, except at work of course, are the ones called dorks. I believe that people like us, who are not affraid of showing our true colors are actually much more adjusted people. Also I find that our kind threatens those who's entire lives are a front. So they try to put us down, or make us look bad. They are obviously threatened b/c we represent everything they are not, REAL! Just an observation. Also a message to those who are still holding back and hiding behind their masks...It's soooo much better to just be yourselve. For One, Yu end up with true friends b.c you know they like you , not the version you pretend to be. YOu also don't waste anytime trying to weed out those friends or lovers that are no match for you. If you are yourself, you will attract those who actually like the real you.  Also, you sleep much better at night...b/c you aren't affraid of getting found out. Trust me, Ever since I gave up trying to fit in or be someone I'm not, my life has improved greatly. Religious or not, quoting the movie Saved, " If God wanted us all to be the same, Why did he make us all so different?" I think that says it all. Thanks, Kate

Friday, May 13, 2011


Thank you all for your positive comments.  I haven't been the best "friend" on this site, but I am now dedicated to being on top of this. Meaning I will start follwing better and commenting! Anyway, I did get a couple people asking about the show Brotherhood. I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2, which is all there is so far. I hope it continues. It has got to be one of the best shows I've seen.  It is so realistic. Not just the storyline, but the characters themselves. They really have you get to know the complexity that comes with living with these two kinds of people : The mobster and the Politician. Which, not to much surprise, are very similar lifesyles.  Both brothers have to do shady shit to keep their hometown, The Hill, in Rhode Island, the way they think it ought to be. Lots of behind the scene deals, shady poitics, ass kissing, get the idea. I just love how the younger brother looks down on his mobster bro, when they are so much alike. I also love the acting. The wife of the politician is Beautiful!  She also does this role perfectly.  Plus you get her and others in full on nudity, which I like because it's more realistic, none of the sheet dresses, hiding their bodies even though they supposedly just had sex, , if you know what I mean.  This show is so realistic, to me anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if it is based on real lives.  The writing is amazing, very authentic and full of wit.  Every character has their story, and they evolve. Plus it's pretty full of surprises, not predictable like many shows. Even the cops are far from honest.  The thing I hate about most shows is that the characters stay the same no mattter what, Scrubs comes to mind.  In Brotherhood, the characters are always changing, just like real life.  The show can be pretty graphic with the violent scenes and sex scenes, but I like that. Again cause it's more realistic. There is also a strong sense of family unity. I could go on and on. I just love seeing all the shit we don't see in real life that happens behind closed doors in our government.  If you watch and like the show, let me know. I would love to talk about it. If it continues this way, it could be a far better show than Sopranos, which is hard for me to say.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I started watching the series Brotherhood on Netflix today. It got me thinking about how much corruption seems a necessity for any one man to get things done. If that makes sense. I guess all I want to say is that I don't want to be the leader. But I am not a follower. I don't think it truly is human nature to follow, blindly anyway. So how is it that all these years behind our species, and we still don't know how to live and work hand in hand, united? I know for a fact that I am only one of thousands, millions, of people living and past, if not all, that has the feeling deep within the foundations of our bodies, our souls, that we have yet to find a way of living together, not just with other people, but with nature, Earth, Eternity and Space, in which all are unchallenged and free to be. What I am saying is what has been at the tip of every tongue.  If we all walk together, hand in hand, no one ahead or behind, in a circle, not a line, there won't be anyone at the beginning or end, we will all have everything in both our hands, our strengths will combine. Our weaknesses will be canceled out.  No child will be denied a childhood. No adult denied a lover, a friend, a family, a purpose.  Though we are part of The Whole, there will always only be one of you. I don't want to be a leader. I am not a follower. Neither are any of you. I have my lover, my friend, my family, my purpose, me, in one hand, I just need you in the other. It's that simple. The answer is the circle. The answer is Brotherhood.