Monday, May 30, 2011

We are all dorks!

In my 29 years alive, I have come to realize that everyone is a dork. We all have a part of us that other people may think of as nerdy. Well I believe that those of us who are true to ourselves, have no front, except at work of course, and aren't affraid to be ourselves at all times, except at work of course, are the ones called dorks. I believe that people like us, who are not affraid of showing our true colors are actually much more adjusted people. Also I find that our kind threatens those who's entire lives are a front. So they try to put us down, or make us look bad. They are obviously threatened b/c we represent everything they are not, REAL! Just an observation. Also a message to those who are still holding back and hiding behind their masks...It's soooo much better to just be yourselve. For One, Yu end up with true friends b.c you know they like you , not the version you pretend to be. YOu also don't waste anytime trying to weed out those friends or lovers that are no match for you. If you are yourself, you will attract those who actually like the real you.  Also, you sleep much better at night...b/c you aren't affraid of getting found out. Trust me, Ever since I gave up trying to fit in or be someone I'm not, my life has improved greatly. Religious or not, quoting the movie Saved, " If God wanted us all to be the same, Why did he make us all so different?" I think that says it all. Thanks, Kate


  1. First of all we are the same age and i can say that i agree with everything you wrote! i tried to fit into a group and i've changed alot but this is not who i am so i am going back to my old me the true me.

  2. I try & keep my nerddom in line. I'm terrible about buying nerdy shit (video games mostly, toys from my childhood (for my son!), etc).