Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hello out there. I'm glad a couple of you got to see my pilot episode and seemed to think it good. I do want to make a statement about it before I answer the questions. In watching it, I realized it may come off that I was not taking some of the subject matter as seriously as I would have liked. In no way has anything I talked about been a positive or easy thing to live with. I really want everyone to know that I intend to take this very seriously. All of the subjects I spoke of had a dramatic impact on me and I don't want to portrait any of my problems as cool or right. I just feel I have experience in a variety of aspects of life and would love to help others, as well as give people a place to speak their minds without prejudice or restriction. Obviously some topics will been more light hearted and even humourous. I do want to talk about everything and anything, so this is not just a self help or narrative of my life.  Anyway, for the questions. First off, Anyone who is interested in hearing my opinion or getting my advise, wants to comment, or even bash me, bring it on!  =)  Send me emails to I will also respond to comments left on this blog. And Finally...I intend this to be a weekly show, or more frequent if there is a larger response.  Well thanx again. Peace and Love, As Always, As is, Kate

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