Monday, November 14, 2011

Family, a poem

I look up at the sky and I dig up a smile.  Hoping for a little while Things have changed.
But No. They are always the same. I want a Divorce from my brain. I'm not Admitting i'm insane. It's society, jeleousy, greed, and the taker mentality that i can't seem to forget or keep it the Fuck away from me.  No, It's already infected me. One of many Diseases I carry. Society, the same Disease we all contracted when we were told we could be whatever we please.  As Children...we only count if we cost you dollars and cents. Hours and Paychecks. Clock ins and outs. When you could have been at home giving your children what they really want. They want their Moms and Dads at home, holding their hands, playing games, reading them stories, kissing them, and telling them how much they love them. To Anyone it's Priceless.
Any child would gladly give away all their Gameboys and television.  The video games their mother, the T.V. their Father. Only seeing their Biological parents when they come home for dinner. Then exhausted they retreat to their bedroom. Too tired to care about what you waited all day for them to come home so you can say, I miss you.I love you. So I wrote them letters, slipped them into their morning newspapers.  So while they told me to be quiet so they can relax and enjoy their free time. Maybe my letters will hit them and they'll take the day off. Yea, they'll take the day off to spend it, every second of it, with me and my sister Bri. We deserve it, Don't we? It was you that told us we could be whatever we wanted to be. Well, Mom and Dad, We wanna be a Family.

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